Project Description

Separation and divorce can bring relief to some and overwhelming stress and emotional pain to others. Emotions like anger, fear, grief, anxiety, confusion, shame, guilt, especially when children are involved are common. My goal is to help you in this period of transition by identifying realistic goals and healthy relationships.

I will help you adapt to the change and to overcome the difficult emotions. Divorce and separation can have a negative impact on children, especially if the parents are resentful toward each other. My goal is to help you to effectively communicate with your child during the divorce and to identify the underlying reasons for your emotional pain. My office can be a safe place for the couple to talk through differences, where I act as a mediator and make sure each side is heard.

Divorce is considered the most stressful event in life, second only to loss of a loved one. In the absence of closure, resentment and stress can continue years after the divorce. The counselor will teach you skills, such as identifying the thoughts and emotions that prevent you from moving forward and will aid you is re-framing them into positive constructive beliefs.

I provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families. Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact me at +359 887 601219 or through skype.