For all of us, the time comes when we lose a person we love. The pain can be unbearable, physical, and the grief can prevent us from moving on with our lives. Professional help is [...]

Separation / Divorce

Separation and divorce can bring relief to some and overwhelming stress and emotional pain to others. Emotions like anger, fear, grief, anxiety, confusion, shame, guilt, especially when children are involved are common. My goal is [...]


Addiction is a gradual process that creates psychological and/or physical dependence toward a specific substance or action. Abuse continues despite negative consequences. Long term use leads to changes in the brain’s biochemistry and structure. Besides [...]

Panic attacks / Phobia

They have multiple symptoms, such as a desire to  fight or flee, rapid heartbeat, labored breathing, feeling your life is in danger or that you are having a heart attack, disorientation, jaw discomfort, lump in [...]


We all feel anxious at times, but when that begins to interfere with our daily functioning, our sleep, and job, we are likely talking about Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The symptoms can range from constant worrying, [...]


Everyone has experienced sadness, desperation and helplessness. When these symptoms continue long term, they are likely the signs of clinical depression. The symptoms include intense sadness, shame, lack of motivation, chronic fatigue, apathy, isolation, and [...]

Other Issues

I also have experience with the following issues: Trauma recovery thought EMDR Low self-esteem Family/couples therapy Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Sexual abuse Grief Domestic violence Chronic pain Personality disorders Obsessive [...]