Project Description

Когнитивно-поведенческа терапия

In CBT, everything that happens to us is neutral, until we assign meaning to it, which then leads to a specific feeling, and behavior. We cannot control what happens around us and how people behave, so this approach teaches us to identify the unhealthy and distorted thoughts we have and reframe them in a healthy way that makes us feel better. CBT is the most researched therapy and provides fast results for symptoms of depression, anxiety, and addiction.
Here are few of the common cognitive distortions:

All or Nothing thinking: Thinking is extremes, using words like always, never, everyone, etc.

Overgeneralizing: Incorrect conclusion, based on a single case.

Cognitive Filter: Focusing on specific, usually negative and anxiety provoking aspects of something or someone and ignoring all other aspects.

Catastrophizing: Focusing on the worst possible outcome of a situation.