Project Description

For all of us, the time comes when we lose a person we love. The pain can be unbearable, physical, and the grief can prevent us from moving on with our lives. Professional help is often needed in order to work through the grief. The process of adapting to the loss is unique for every person and depends on multiple factors. Grief can lead to pain, guilt, regret and many other emotions. Some people lose their purpose to move forward, others feel responsible for the loss. Some prefer to be alone during the process, while others need to be surrounded by loved ones.

It is best to see a grief counselor soon after the loss, as the therapist will help you work through the grief is a healthy way. Most people are able to return to normal functioning as time passes, but for others, the intensity of the pain does not seem to change and the emotional pain, longing, emptiness, bitterness and constant reminders of the loss do not seem to resolve. In that case, the loss has become an unresolved trauma and grief has turned into a post-traumatic stress disorder, which required professional help.

I provide mental health counseling for individuals, couples and families. Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact me at +359 887 601219 or through skype.