Project Description

Майндфулнес (Осъзнатост на момента)

Mindfulness teaches us to pay attention to everything that is happening in this very moment, without judgment, opinions or analysis. This spontaneous observation helps us calm down, while carefully watching our thoughts, emotions and sensations that occur, thus increasing our presence. I will help you learn this technique, which is accessible to everyone. The goal of mindfulness is to learn to love yourself the way you are, to be able to ground and calm yourself quickly in stressful situations, and to get to know yourself.

Mindfulness is a type of presence in which we pay attention to what is happing now. This method does not eliminate the stress in your life, but it will help you respond to everyday problems in a clam healthy manner. Mindfulness helps you stay in the present moment without worrying about things that you cannot change right now. Through mindfulness you can stop engaging in automatic unhealthy habits and start seeing problems with clarity, while being more creative when coming up with solutions. Mindfulness is an evidence based practice with proven effect on productivity and stress reduction. Mindfulness has its origins in ancient meditation practices and can be used to help various issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and addiction.